Employee Benefit Kits

We provide employees with benefit kits which include benefit highlights, a sheet detailing employee costs, carrier contact information, Medicare creditable coverage certificate, Janet’s law disclosure & any other pertinent information customized for you. All applicable enrollment forms & a customized employee election form are also included.


Employee Meetings

We will accommodate your schedule & host annual employee open enrollment meetings. We’ll go over your companies coverage & provide a deep understanding of the benefits provided. We also offer to answer any questions employees may have throughout the year.

COBRA, MRA & Cafeteria Plan Administration

We cover the costs for you to have access to a third party administrator  who can create premium only plan documents, administer your COBRA & create a customized MRA plan to suit your Company’s needs.

Claims Support

Every staff member is licensed & qualified to answer questions regarding employee claims & questions. We’ll take the time to follow-up so you don’t have to.


Renewal Meetings

We will put together a comprehensive presentation to help you decide what options best suits your needs, each presentation includes multiple plan options, benchmarking data, & our recommendations to help provide access to comprehensive benefits within your given budget.

What our clients have to say...

“has gone the extra mile to be available for questions; I’m not used to that kind of service in the benefits realm.”

“not only set up a workable plan, but has also made it a point to keep in touch with us throughout the year.”

“helped with a smooth transition and significant savings, while being there every step of the way.”

“I appreciate all the help. You’ve made insurance so much easier for us”


Custom Benefit Services

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